1998 – ongoing

A selection of small scale drawings, sculptures and photographs.
Each comes with a signed certificate of authenticity
£100 + £25 P&P (each)
Clip Framed Paint
Sun Light
Processed Potatoes
Sixty, Minute Circles
Paper Clip
Lego Brick
Excuse My Appearance
One Hour Circle Drawing + Lipstick_extendedbg.jpg
Lip Stick + Prit Stick
Neckclasp tape.jpg
Packing Tape Bow Tree Reoriented .jpg
Vandalized Tree Reoriented Brick.jpg
Mortar Brick made.jpg
Clementine stamp.jpg
Rubber Stamp ticket.jpg
Tube Ticket female.jpg
Mail & Femail
Polaroid Photograph
Toilet Paper photo.jpg
Passport Photos
Level Cup
Extra Blank