A1 (4xA3) Ref 01


Felt-Tip Print A1 (4xA3) Ref 01

A set of four A3 Folded Pen Drawing Prints. Each A3 page is folded in half, and a dot field is hand applied. The top surface carries more pen ink than the folded section below, and is mirrored in composition. The four sheets are arranged, with the dominant half of each page in a grid forming a central A2 sized area. I love this work, the dots are smaller than previous Felt-Tip Prints. They have been meticulously applied to eliminate any overlap resulting in a very clean uniform dot field. The work comes with a signed certificate of authentication, wrapped in acid free tissue paper, carefully packaged in a hard-backed envelope and can be posted anywhere in the world.


594mm x 841mm (A1)
200gsm cartridge paper

Ships within 24 hours. No refunds for damaged returns. If you have special requests please email me at daniel@eatock.com