Like most people, I collect stuff—letters, postcards, photographs, notes—anything that is special to
me and that I do not want to dispose of. Naturally, this adds clutter to my daily life.

Timecapstool is a box with a narrow slot on the top. It is designed to hold ephemera, which can easily be inserted through the slot, and at the same time function as a stool, a step, or a side table.

Once something has been posted into the slot, there is no easy means to retrieve it: the stool is sealed on all sides. Over time, the ephemera inside becomes more important than the stool. At this point the Timecapstool can be smashed open like a piggy bank.

The stool is not intended to be opened for five years. The longer it is used, the more valuable and interesting the contents will be when eventually retrieved by the owner.