5' x 10' plywood sheet, Ikea futon

I bought a five-by-ten-foot sheet of birch plywood for a tabletop in my studio. After using it for a week, I decided that it was too large for my space, so I stood it upright resting against the wall. Lying on my futon on my studio floor, I mentally guesstimated that the sheet could be transformed into a bed base with just three saw cuts. An IKEA futon measures five by seven feet. After cutting three one-by-five-foot pieces from the sheet to form the H-shaped base, I was left with an economical one-foot-high bed base on which the five-by-seven-foot top rested with an overhang of one foot at both ends, accommodating the futon exactly.

Original drawing
Cutting plan
Three one-by-five-foot pieces
H-shaped base using three one-by-five-foot pieces
Completed bed
Completed bed with IKEA futon
Ready for sleep