Pen Prints

Pen Prints
A1 841mm x 594mm, Pantone Tria II Marker pens, 200gsm smooth uncoated white paper

A complete set of Pantone marker pens standing on their base with their nibs facing upright. Single sheets of A1 paper carefully placed to rest on the bed of pen nibs. Each left for twice the duration of the previous print, giving the gradually drying pens more time to mark the paper. For each print the pens where rearranged in a random composition.

Installed in the UTS Gallery, Sydney Australia for the show Incidental Data
1 minute
2 minutes
4 minutes
8 minutes
16 minutes
32 minutes
1 hour and 4 minutes
2 hours and 8 minutes
4 hours and 16 minutes
8 hours and 32 minutes
17 hours and 8 minutes
1 day, 10 hours and 8 minutes
2 days, 20 hours and 32 minutes
5 days, 17 hours and 4 minutes
11 days, 10 hours and 8 minutes