Book Shelf

Book Shelf
MDF 1220mm long x 300mm deep x 18mm thick, two metal brackets, 75 books

A remake of Display Book Shelf commissioned for Book Show, Eastside Projects. The majority of the selection of 75 books are the research material that informed the show, belonging to the shows curator James Langdon.

The shelf sags under the weight of its contents in a graceful arc, the top edges of all the books are perfectly flush as a result of a conscious selection of volumes chosen to accommodate (or compensate for) the arc of the sagging shelf.

The Book On The Book Shelf ISBN 0-375-70639-9
Dear Lulu
Books and Bibliography ISBN 0 86473 429 8
The Unimaginable Mathematics of Borges’ Library of Babel ISBN 978-0-19-533457-9
Connections: The Work of Charles and Ray Eames
Counterpunch ISBN 0 907259 06 5
The Future Of The Printed Word ISBN 0-313-22693-8
Writing Space ISBN 0-8058-2919-9
Dieter Roth In Print ISBN 0-9790321-0-5
The Birth of Codex ISBN 0-19-726061-6
Information Storage and Retrieval: tools, elements, theories
Reading Matters ISBN 978-0-300-12729-4
The Scholar and the Future of the Research Library
The Care of Books ISBN 978-1-108-00508-1
Library Bureau Catalog 1900
Ron Arad talks to Matthew Collings ISBN 0 7148 4310 5
Every Colour By Itself ISBN 978-0-9561885-0-2
Put About: A Critical Anthology On Independent Publishing ISBN 1 870699 70 X
Serendipity ISBN 978-90-77459-29-4
Mark Manders Isolated Rooms ISBN 90-77459-09-X
Donald Judd selected works 1960-1991
Gerhard Richter Overpainted Photographs ISBN 978-3-7757-2243-8
Giovanni Anselmo ISBN 1-904864-07-4
Witte de With Cahier #2 1994 ISBN 3-928762-25-7
Starting With The Universe ISBN 978-0-300-12620-4
Gary Hume American Tan ISBN 978-1-906072-06-3
If/Then ISBN 90-72007-52-2
Dad’s Office Nigel Shafran ISBN 0-9536289-0-6
Frances Stark Collected Writing: 1993-2003 ISBN 1 870699 68 8
Imagination Perception in Art ISBN 3-88375-758-6
The most beautiful Swiss books ISBN 978-3-9522700-4-2
Voids ISBN 978-3-03764-017-3
Active Literature; Jan Tschichold and New Typography ISBN 978-0-907259-32-9
Lawrence Weiner Books 1968 - 1989 ISBN 3-88375-111-1
Le Corbusier Architect of Books ISBN 978-3-03778-034-3
Coleridge’s Library ISBN 0-8161-8101-2
On Book Design ISBN 978-0-300-07570-0
Andro Wekua If There Ever Was One ISBN 978-3-905701-86-9
Fabrice Gygi ISBN 3-905701-26-X
Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani Blind Spots ISBN 978-3-905829-18-1
Underground ISBN 0 00 195850 X
The Smithsonian Book of Books ISBN 0-89599-030-X
Typography, advertising, book design ISBN 3-7212-0341-0
Dutch Type ISBN 90 6450 460 1
Fluxus ISBN 0-500-97422-5
Typography: Formation + Transformation ISBN 3-7212-0495-6
Donald Judd Complete Writings 1959 - 1975 ISBN 0-919616-42-9
The Oxford Companion to the Book ISBN 978-0-19-860653-6
Fragments of Utopia ISBN 0 907259 10 3
The ABCs of: The Bauhaus Design Theory ISBN 0-500-27714-1
The Printed Picture ISBN 978-0-87070-721-6
Visual Explanations ISBN 0-9613921-2-6
21 Bilder ISBN 978-3-86560-387-6
The Making Of Art ISBN 978-3-86560-586-3
Spaces of Experience ISBN 978-0-300-15196-1
Books As History ISBN 978-0-7123-4923-9
Designing books ISBN 0-907259-08-1
John Baskerville ISBN 0-584-10354-9
The Look of Reading ISBN 978-0-226-77294-0
The Power of Display ISBN 0-262-19402-3
The Book Encompassed ISBN 1-873040-49-0
Beauty and the Book ISBN 3-7212-0540-5
Used Books ISBN 978-0-8122-4043-6
This Book Like A Book ISBN 9-789053-492925
Marginalia ISBN 9778-0-300-09720-7
The Form of the Book Book ISBN 978-0-9562605-1-2
Paratexts ISBN 0-521-41350-8
Peter Pan and the Only Children ISBN 0-333-43968-6
Informal Meetings ISBN 978-1-907414-07-7
Six Years: The dematerialization of the art object ISBN 978-0-520-21013-4
The Book Nobody Read ISBN 0-434-01315-3
The Future of the Research Library
On Books
Double Fold: Libraries and the Assault on Paper ISBN 0-375-72621-7
Inside the White Cube ISBN 978-0-520-22040-9