Record Drawings
7" vinyl picture disc, edition 180 copies

A collaboration with Andy Holden and Ice, Sea, Dead People. The drawings were created at a live event at the Stanley Picker Gallery at Kingston University. The band played the two songs that feature on the single You Could Be A Model and Ultra Silence ten times each. As the songs played live, circular paper rotated on turntables and participants were instructed: ‘Start at the outer edge of the rotating paper, touch the nib of the pen on the papers surface and slowly move towards the centre to create a dense spiral. The pen must touch the paper when the song begins and be removed when the song ends.’ The length of the line corresponding exactly to the number of revolutions the disc made during the playing of the track.

As the band played a new form of drawing emerged from the anarchic interpretation of the brief. Fist fulls of pens simultaneously released chaotic marks, multiple layers, colours, dots and dashes as pens crashed against the rotating surface in rhythm to drum beats and guitar cords. The true aesthetic of the live music was unleashed and created by the many participants simultaneously. These drawings are sandwiched within in the translucent vinyl record forming a edition of 180 unique discs.

Released on Lost Toys Records