Dear Vans

Dear Vans

Following is a proposal of sorts…

My Vans feel the best after one year of use, but they don’t look the best.

I propose the 1000 mile sole. The classic Vans vulcanised rubber tread, made new, resembling a sole that has walked/skated many miles.

This shoe would juxtapose a clean ‘boxed’ appearance with ‘comfort’ and ‘feel’ typically associated with use, akin to pre washed denim jeans.

A gift for the growing audience of informed people seeking out a more natural barefoot existence. The antidote to the ‘false’ comfort first introduced by the cushioned Nike running shoe in the 1960’s, that is now the mainstream expectation of people wanting ‘ComfyCush’ shoes resulting in a disconnect from the wearer to the Earth they tread, resulting in heal strikes, bad running form and injury.