Aerial View
51” 10 section telescopic antenna

This work is an adaptation of Aerial Views (1999) a series of photographs Eatock took of car antennae holding the camera directly over the subject on a single walk in Minneapolis without looking into the viewfinder. The new version of this work is a sited sculpture that transforms the disappearing act performed by aligning the camera and antenna top in the original photographic series into an experience that viewers realize for themselves in the actual space of the gallery. Eatock has mounted a telescoping antenna to a small platform on the “well” of the gallery’s second floor balcony. Extending the pun that is at the core of this project, the new piece capitalizes on the aerial perspective that defines the experience of any viewer on the second level looking down toward the first. Almost invisible from the ground floor (where the piece might be seen in profile, if it is noticed at all), the object is reduced to a small spot when seen “properly” from the second floor. Richard Torchia

Two photographs taken at the same instant by Carlo Drasci. Camera one, positioned above the aerial looking directly down. Camera two, positioned at the far end of the studio capturing the set up. Both cameras used the same flash aligning the moment each photo was exposed.