Touch the lens of your camera with the tip of your finger and take a photograph
2011 – ongoing

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Dylan Roberts
Christy Lugtenberg
Isabella Dogliani
Geir Brendeland
Elijah E Kalinovik
Harry Williams
William Clark
Eme Lawton
Alex Ledermeier
Stella Loning
Tom Noble
Xavi Miranda
Tom Dennis
Rebeka Rácz
Helmut Smits
Helmut Smits
Johnny Quinn
Eduard Piel
Greta Sharp
Becky Miller
Mark Anthony Pearce
Oscar Chandler
Sam Care
Cy Olaf
Suuri Guldemond
Ben Little
Gui Mel
Sean Burns
Florimond Pradalier
Lucille Killmayer
Cyril Catusse
Valentine Laffitte
Quentin le Roux
Pedro Serhomenho
Miklòs Ferencz
Margot Cannizzo
Léopoldine Charon
Jan Michalowski
Guillaume Fau
Elsa Varin
Celine Kriebs
Catherine Bouat
Caroline Bluche
Alban Leven
Abby Lynch
Sasa Stucin
Adam Sajkowski
Beth Evans
Louie Neale
Richard Murphy
Michael Bussell
David Schwen
Robert Smith
Matt van Leeuwen
Sasa Stucin
Katrina Rosekat
Kenneth Jones
Helen McCathie
Pietro Zanchettin
Peter Steineck
Dean Spunt
Chris Sullivan
Samuel Skwarski
Nick Zegel
Andrea Arrubla
David Falkner
Aaron Merrigan
Naomi J. Falk
Susan Martin
Caroline Halford
Ana E Grigorovici
Ed Rivers
Deborah Hooper
Raymond Chan
James Ward
Andrew Dawes
Omar Majeed
Lulu Davey
Josh Nathanson
Matt Coyne
Andrew Jordan
Daniel Gray
Mike Reed
Paul Chanthapanya
Larry Walsh
Dean Olson
Amandine Alessandra
Yotam Hadar
David Hyde