Bathroom Balance Composition

I have an obsession with carefully turning all food products in my fridge and kitchen cupboards so the labels face the front, just like they are displayed on a supermarket shelf. I have more recently continued this fascination with Flávia’s and my bathroom products. The single shelf that holds all our bathroom products is fairly deep, so that I placed products that are used often at the front, and products used less often in the back. The products became building blocks to form a composition of towers based on the inherent structure and organization of the seemingly random shelf display. It was not a practical display, however, and gradually, with use, the composition eroded and fell back into its natural order.

Artists and curators gerlach en koop invited me to show Bathroom Balance Composition as part of their group show Supermedium #14 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, in 2007. Upon their invitation I carefully packed up all our bathroom products and sent them FedEx to Rotterdam, along with a photograph showing the balanced composition. Thank you gerlach en koop for both the invitation and for carefully rebuilding the sculpture.