One Hour Circles

One Hour Circle Drawings
A4 cartridge paper, colour felt-tip pens

Created by a group of 24 participants from BA Graphic Design and BA Illustration at Kingston University. Their goal was to each draw a freehand circle in exactly one hour, in a clockwise 360 degree rotation without the pen leaving the page.

I gave spoken updates each minute as a guide for each participant to monitor their speed. Eg. at 15 minutes the drawing was one quarter complete, and at 30 minutes half way. They each attempted to draw in rhythm with the movement and speed of the minute hand of a clock. The final set of 24 circles represents a combined drawing duration of one day.
Joshua Wiley
Esther Yee-Ting Chang
Tim King
Leanne Bentley
Ellie Tzoni
Sam Carroll
Louise Madzia
Sally Archer
Stephanie Bickford-Smith
Clara Goodger
Paul Chanthapenya
Rosanna Wan
Zuzanna Weiss
India Harvey
Ben Pender
Fred North
Sarah Maycock
Nic Cockram
Hannah Cullen
Phoebr Halstead
Benji Roebuck
Aaron Merrigan
Ashley Wiltshire
Simon Cheadle