Marker Marks

Marker Marks (Felt-Tip Prints)
23 x 29 inches
Letraset Promarkers (148 colours)
120gsm smooth uncoated Crane’s Lettra paper
Edition 26 individual prints, signed and numbered
Made in 2011 at the Walker Art Center


Two complete set of Pantone marker pens standing on their base with their nibs facing upright. Sheets of paper, one at a time, where carefully placed to rest on the bed of pen nibs. Once the paper absorbed ink the page was re positioned on the second set, after being flipped or rotated. Pens where left in their position or rearranged in a random compositions. Some prints have two print layers, other as many as ten. Coloured spots overlap, collide, mix, and align resulting in macro, micro colour constellations.