Clip-frame Permutations

Clip-frame Permutations
constructed from two sizes of standard
clipframes 24” x 36” and 18” x 24”
Each composition is created by reconfiguring the clip-frame backs and clip-frame glass. No components are cut.

The clipframe is the most ubiquitous, cheapest and minimal of all picture frames. Commonly used to protect cheap prints, photographs and certificates, a neutral support for its content. Void of content, the clip-frame becomes the subject. The reconfigured arrangements and compositions explore the materiality of shinny reflective glass and cheap pressed hardboard and the overlapping of the two.

Each arrangement consists of a number of configurations, on some the glass overhangs the hardboard back, and on others it fails to reach the edge. The three surface conditions: glass; hardboard; and the combination of glass and hardboard, align to reveal structured geometric compositions.