No Photo Signs

26 free standing metal stands displaying laminated digital photographs of Photographs of signs that tell you not to take photographs. Each photograph is printed at a different scale so the original ‘No Photo’ sign pictured within has a diameter of 10cm.

The new signs subvert the very rule the original signs sort to impose. First exhibited at the La Triennale di Milano maintaining the museums policy of ‘No Photography in the Gallery’.
964 x 723mm
800 x 600mm
828 x 621mm
535 x 714mm
630 x 473mm
574 x 430mm
509 x 381mm
Installation view
463 x 347mm
520 x 390mm
Installation view
519 x 389mm
Installation view
540 x 360mm
489 x 367mm
499 x 374mm
Installation view
409 x 307mm
416 x 312mm
320 x 240mm
Installation view
368 x 244mm
Installation view
352 x 264mm
Installation view
322 x 242mm
Installation view
236 x 314mm
Installation view
263 x 197mm
409 x 613mm
524 x 698mm
594 x 445mm
595 x 806mm
595 x 793mm