One Minute Circles

One Minute Circle Drawings
A4 cartridge paper, black felt-tip pen

60 freehand circle drawings, each made in exactly one minute, drawn in a clockwise 360 degree rotation without the pen leaving the page.

Working with each of the 60 participants individually, I gave spoken updates every five seconds. The aim was for the participant to draw in time with my spoken prompts, adjusting the speed at which they drew their line to correspond to the spoken time markers, eg. at 15 seconds the drawing should be one quarter complete and at 30 seconds the drawing should be half way. The set of 60 circles represents a combined drawing duration of exactly one hour.
Myles Creane
Elaine McDevitt
Keith Walsh
Fiona Kinsella
Niamh Healy-Moore
Lynda Smith
Theresa Moore
David Barry
Davey Moor
Alan Butler
Peter Prendergast
Lesley Fitzpatrick
Colm Mac Athlaoich
Erin McClure
Shane o Driscol
Ivor Noyek
John Buckley
Sharon Phelan
Sheena Brown
Patrick Prendergast
Alexandra Murphy
Ben Mullen
Mark Beatty
Camille Boostroy
Emma Murphy
Paul Keating
Rayne Booth
Michael McDermott
Ciaran Walsh
William O’Neil
Robert Kelly
Richie Ryan
Kate Brangan
Killian Cooper
Mark Cullen
Mick Minogue
Ashleigh Downey
Rachael Gilbourne
Jennifer Jarman
Andrés De La Casa-Huertas
Susan Hendrick
Tomasz Knapik
Agnieszka Ziolkowska
Robyn Williams
Des Williams
Eoin Holland
Kat Ballhaus
Bob Gray
Jenna Logan
Keith Mc Guinness
Monika Crowlay
Caroline Nelson
Crona Connolly
Richard Weld-Moore
Eithne Griffin
Christine Garuet
Niamh Algar
Aida Bangoura
David Turner